4 Best Abs Workout to Enhance Your Weight Loss Goals

Abs workout

When the sound of weight loss rings to the ear of people, a major lookout is belly fat. A major concern on why people want to lose weight is due to their belly. Hence, a peek into some abs workout will go a long way to help.

What is Abs Workout?

It’s good to clear it up that abs workout simply refers to abdominal exercise. The intention behind this exercise is to prevent or correct the amount of fat in the stomach. Health practitioners have said that the stomach is a bad place to store fat. Asides the fact that it can disfigure one’s posture, it is can also cause unnecessary inconvenience to the body

4 Best Abs Workout to Enhance Your Weight Loss Goals

Below are the best workouts you can try both at home and at the gym.

1. Cannonball Extension

This is an abs workout session in which you must start by assuming the cannonball position. This position is done by wrapping your arms around your legs while they are close to your chest. The following phase is to extend your arms and legs while approaching a flat position with your back to the floor. But, you must make sure your upper back is not touching the floor.

You must be in this position for at least six seconds before going back to the cannonball position. Also, see to it that your whole muscles are involved while engaging in this session. This must be done at least five times in a set.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are another type of exercise that falls under the abs workout. It’s rather an interesting exercise because all the parts of the body also have to be involved.

This is done by doing down with your hands and legs on the floor and your body raised. You then push your right leg to your chest region and back. Repeat this action on your left leg and continue simultaneously that way. This must be done at least 13 times on each leg for quick effectiveness.

3. Floor Wipers

This abs workout covers the strengthening of both the lower and upper abdomen. It has a full concentration on the stomach.

This is done by lying your back flat on the floor. Then, open your arms perpendicularly to your body to keep the firm for stability. Then, raise your legs till your knees form 90° with your body. Move your legs to either side of your body without twisting your upper body. This will allow your stomach to do the major work on your abs. 

Do this for about 12 times on each side and take a 30-second rest before starting another set.

4 Best Abs Workout to Enhance Your Weight Loss Goals

4. Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are an excellent abs workout you can try at home. It is easily learned and focuses on both the upper and lower abdomen muscles also.

Lie flat on your back and support your body with your arms by placing them beside your body. Then, raise your knees slowly to your chest region. Once it is close to your chest, raise your hips simultaneously off the floor and back to your former positions. Do this at least 13 times to complete a set.


These abs workouts will cause weight loss with a focus on your stomach. If you’re just starting out, try just 2 sets of these per day and with time, you can increase your endurance level.

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