An Ultimate Workout Supplement Guide That Every Workout Freak Must Read

workout supplement guide

One of the best ways to get bigger, leaner, and stronger is to have a proper combo of solid training and nutrition. So, having some solid supplement plans is a necessity. But there is a lot of misinformation around the corner about the supplement industry, so an ultimate workout supplement guide is a must to read before selecting the supplements. Otherwise, you may end up facing some serious side effects. 

Thankfully, in this article, we have listed the three most important supplements that every workout freak must consume to achieve their physical goals. 

3 Supplements That This Workout Supplement Guide Includes

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Casein Protein

Whey Protein

Milk consists of two fundamental types of proteins that are whey and casein. The consistency of this protein in milk is only 20%. Therefore, it is one of the best-selling workout supplements.

Whey Protein helps people to build lean muscles and is very easy to digest. This protein quickly turns on protein synthesis for instant growth of muscles which is extremely important around the workouts. So, all those workouts for beginners who are paying special attention to muscle growth must consume this supplement in a proper dose. 

Dose- It is advised to take 20 grams of the supplement in the morning within the first 30 minutes of your workout session. Repeat the same dose after your workout session. 


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The next supplement in our workout supplement guide is one of the most effective supplements to hit the supplement industry i.e. Creatine.

As per research, it can increase the muscle mass of an individual by about 10 pounds with a 10 percent increase in muscle strength. When you consume this fluid supplement, it places stress on the muscle membranes to increase muscle protein synthesis which eventually leads to long-term muscle growth. 

Dose- Taking 1 to 5 grams of Creatine along with whey protein can show you good results in a month without any side effects. 

Casein Protein

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Although this protein supplement is hard to digest but is a highly recommended supplement for workout beginners. Many people feel that it is a wastage to consume the supplement. Whereas consumption of casein protein post-workout can help you to increase the muscle growth manifolds and can also reduce the tensions in the muscles. Casein protein also helps people to reduce muscle protein breakdown which is normally very high after the workout session. So, do not forget to add this supplement to your workout supplement list. 

Dose- Take 20 grams of Casein Protein post-workout session and before bed. You can also consume the supplement by mixing get with two cups of low-fat cow milk or along with a cup of high-quality Greek yogurt. 


All in all, every workout beginner will find this workout supplement guide worth reading as it includes the three most important supplements that are necessary to consume. Plus, the above-stated supplements will have no or negligible side effects. 

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