Being Healthy With A Booty Workout Guide With Yoga Poses

Booty Workout Guide

Watching yoga can be intimidating for someone to watch a person lift their legs above their head. There is nothing to be scared of as some expert-level poses. Some yoga poses simple that anyone can do, and those Booty Workout Guide ideas have big benefits and make a person feel good about their body.

Booty Workout Guide

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Following are a few poses that a person new to yoga can easily do: –

Tadasana: – it is known as the mountain pose. It teaches a person to stand steady as a mountain. Stand with heels apart and arms at the side of the body. Gently spread the toes, lift the heels, and slowly bring it back to the ground while maintaining balance.

Vrikshasana: -this pose is most commonly known as the tree pose and is named correctly. It copies the steady posture of a tree and helps in improving the legs and the back. The right foot should be placed on the left thigh, and the sole should be placed firmly. While inhaling, raise the arms above the head and bring both the palms together. Take deep breaths and make sure the spine is straight.

Kursiasana: – this pose is also known as the chair pose. It is a powerful pose and helps in strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs. Stand straight with the feet both slightly apart and also stretch the arms by not bending the elbows. While inhaling, the knees must be bent, and the pelvis should be pushed back like sitting on a chair. The back should be straight and hands parallel to the ground.

Bhujangasana: – this pose is known as the cobra pose and is responsible for strengthening the lower back muscles. Lie flat on the stomach with feet together and toes flat. Rise the upper body from the waist while taking the support of the hands and keep on inhaling. The elbows should be straight, and equal pressure should be applied on both the hands.

When Is The Best Time To Do The Workout

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The best time to do this workout is during the early morning before having breakfast. After waking up and emptying the bowels, if a person wishes to have a bath before yoga, it is fine, then proceed to do yoga. The next best time to do yoga is just before sunset, that is, early evening.

Though it is not universally true, it is believed that the famous Suryanamaskar should be done before sunset. It is advised that way, but it is far better to do any yoga during the day than skipping it entirely.

The Benefits Of Using Yoga As A Booty Workout Session

The main purpose of doing yoga is to build strength and have harmony in both the mind and the body. There are numerous health benefits of doing daily yoga. Following are some of the major benefits of doing yoga: –

Yoga helps in improving flexibility.

It helps in increasing the muscle strength and muscle tone of the body.

Yoga is a great cardio exercise and helps in weight reduction.

Protects from injury and improves athletic performance.


Yoga does not necessarily mean difficult poses, but simple poses correctly can also be beneficial for an individual.

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