Best Workout And Diet Plan That You Must Follow To Have Great Gym Progress

workout and diet plan

When it comes to nutrition, no gym lover wants any compromise. Nutrition has a great impact on progress in the gym. You have to add all the nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, minerals, and even carbs in your meals. However, many think that following a workout-out and diet plan would not be easy. But with this diet plan, you will see great results without much effort.

Best 7 Days Workout And Diet Plan That With Best Results

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Day 1 Workout And Diet Plan

To get a tremendous amount of instant energy, Bananas are best. So for pre-workout, bananas are best to eat. After working out for an hour or more, your body needs a high amount of protein to build muscles. So Brown rice, sprouts, vegetable salad, peas, paneer curry are the best foods to eat after a workout on day 1 of your workout and diet plan. You should not do a heavy workout for more than half an hour if it is your first day at the gym. Then you can eat your regular food with fewer fats and more proteins for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Day 2

On day 2 of the workout and diet plan, you can have toast with jam, not butter, as a pre-workout snack. Post-workout food should be protein-rich food like egg white, carrot raita, vegetable salad, khichdi, broken wheat, etc. You should never miss your breakfast even after working out. Foods like yogurt, oatmeal, and juice are the best breakfast to eat. For lunch, you can have curry and vegetable salad and then have simply boiled veggies for dinner. 

Day 3

Pre-workout snacks like mixed nuts and dried fruits will provide antioxidants and omega fatty acids to your body. Post-workout plans can be poached eggs, protein shakes, whole grain toast, etc. You can have a healthy and tasty lunch of chicken, Quinoa to delight the taste buds of your tongue. They have lean beef cucumber raita and brown rice for dinner.  

Day 4

Oatmeal with apple juice is considered a very healthy breakfast meal, so you can have them on your day four workout and diet plan. You can have protein-rich broccoli and protein shake post-workout. As you made a tasty and heavy lunch the previous day, today you have to cut some carbs and eat salad for lunch. 

Day 5

Your pre-workout snacks for day five can be mixed nuts, bananas, and dried fruits. While smoothie, toast and scrambled egg can go well in breakfast. You can have a tasty lunch of grilled chicken vegetable rolls with a green salad. For dinner, you should have something light like boiled vegetables, broccoli, spring onion, and milk, etc. This will result in a healthy and effective weight loss diet plan. 

Day 6 And 7

For day 6, 7 of the best workout and diet plans, apple or any other fruit would be good pre-workout food. For breakfasts, oatmeal and orange juice can work. If you are aware of the benefits of black beans and green yogurt in lunch, then you would love to have them. At the end of the day, you can have tasty food like lean beef mince, sweet potato, or keema bhurji.


For the best workout and diet plan, you have to consider all aspects of nutrition to optimize your gym progress. Following a particular plan and sticking to that would help you a lot.

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