Bizarre And Extreme Weight Loss Diet That You Have Never Heard Before And Will Think Twice Before Trying

extreme weight loss diet

Losing weight is equivalent to a nightmare for most of us. It seems that to lose weight, you might have to give-up tasty, not-so-healthy food forever. It is partially true. But how many of us can do it? Often, we make up our mind to do something special and lose eight but gobble another slice of pizza and forget about it.

Experts have brought many Extreme weight loss diets for people with different levels of obesity and uncontrolled potion habits. This post has some strange Extreme weight loss diet that has proven effective for many people worldwide.

Extreme Weight Loss Diet With Vegetables As Major Ingredients

A variety of fruits and vegetables on a cutting board

Vegetable Soup Diet

A cup of coffee

You simply boil as many vegetables and make a soup. In this weight loss diet, you have to consume only vegetable soup for a week.

Baby Food Diet

In this extreme weight loss diet, you replace some food items with baby food like boiled pureed vegetables. You should consume this diet for ten days without salt and spices.

The Master Cleanse Diet

It is a popular extreme weight loss diet followed by many celebrities. You should only take fluid material for ten days, and with this diet, Most people have shed 20 pounds in 10 days.

Miracle Diet

This diet is a famous Hollywood diet in which you consume only fruits or fruit juice for 48 hours.

Extreme Weight Loss Diet Without Vegetables

The Five Bite Diet

It works by the simple principle that Lack of food intake makes the body shed weight.

The apple cider liver cleanse is the simplest extreme weight loss diet. It involves taking two spoons of apple cider vinegar before every meal. In this extreme weight loss diet, you only take five bites from your food irrespective of its content. You are teaching your body to lose appetite.

The Tapeworm Diet

It may be hard to believe, but people ingest tapeworms in the intestine to not gain weight in this extreme weight loss diet.

In simple words, it self induced diarrhea. Certain pills promote the growth of tapeworms and make you thin because of a Lack of nutrition.

The Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition Diet

You cannot eat or drink anything for ten days. Your body gets basic nutrition by pipe inserted through the nose.

David Kirsch 48-Hour Super Charged Cleanse

This extreme weight loss diet involves 48 hours of drinking nothing except lemonade. You can’t even drink water.


No matter how peculiar it might sound, these diets have worked wonders for many people. Some extreme weight-loss diets are safe to try at your home, but few are risky for an average healthy person. However, you should consult experts before trying any extreme weight loss diet, especially if you have diabetes, blood pressure, anemia, or a weak immune system

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