Do Weight Training For Weight Loss Good For Women Let Us Find Out

weight training for weight loss

Well, working out is the definitive path that can help you with significant weight loss. A slow process is an absolute good decision. However, if you are on a fast lifestyle, then weight training for weight loss is what you need. To learn more about the subject, here is a quick check on the idea of weight training for weight loss for women.

Does It Make You Go Bulky? 

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We all come across numerous rumors all our life right? But ignoring the same is something enhancing and life-changing. For instance, the practice of weightlifting was only limited to bodybuilders. However, research on the practice proved, no it is suitable for everyone. 

Since weight lifting helps you with shedding some kilos, there is no chance of appearing bulky and putting on some unwanted weights here and there.

Additionally specifically females have lower muscle-building hormones(anabolic). Therefore a lady needs to work hard in order to build muscle and give proper shape.

Other factors such as –

  • Genetics, 
  • Eating habits
  • Body type and shapes

Is also a matter, that accounts for a good healthy body.

Further how much workout you are engaged with daily, its intensity, volume, and load is also quite responsible for offering you the shape you are looking forward to.

How Weight Training For Weight Loss Works?

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Now, if you are serious with the idea of weightlifting and genuinely want to lose some weight, then make sure that you go calorie deficit. Now how to do that, right?

  • Start burning some weight with intensified physical activity and reducing calories in your diet.
  • Maintain the calorie intake, go fewer than the regular.

Apart from weightlifting, other proficient methods such as-

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Running

Are a great process to reduce weight.

While you lift weight you are gaining some muscles which are pretty necessary to achieve the desired shape.

Also, did you know, gaining muscles before, helps you reduce weight by burning calories while you rest? Additionally, several research states that one’s metabolic rate gets enhanced with weight training which is again wonderful.

What More Do You Get To Enjoy While You Go For Weight Training For Weight Loss

Practically speaking there are way more benefits than you can even imagine. But let us throw light on the immediate advantages that you will notice-

  • You will grow stronger.
  • You will lower the chances of getting critical diseases.
  • You will receive the desired shape that you want, while appearing slim and trim.

But how to start?

Day 1: Engage in upper body training.

Day 2:Have a recovery day.

Day 3:Have lower-body training such as, focus on hamstrings, quads, and hamstrings.

Day 4: Engage in recovery from the critical workout session from the previous day.

Day 5: You can opt for a thorough training day that should include upper body and lower body training.

Day 6: Have HIIT(High-Intensity Intevela Training).

Day 7: Go for light stretching or a light workout session such as yoga and pilates.


This is everything that you need to need to know in concern to weight training for weight loss. Have a detailed look at the ideas and then begin as soon as possible.  Hope you achieve your goal pretty soon.

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