Everything You Must Know About Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

liquid diet for weight loss

In 2020, there has been a significant rise in the number of obese people, people with heart arrest and heart attacks, diabetes and much more. Blood sugar and blood pressure levels are skyrocketing in people leading to body weaknesses and illnesses. In this scenario it is increasingly important to choose healthy food, healthy lifestyle and aim for a healthy environment. The liquid diet is becoming increasingly popular among teens and adults struggling with weight issues. It has many pros and cons of this diet so we have talked about everything you can know about it.

Effectiveness Of The Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

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To understand better, a liquid diet as the name suggests consists of clear liquid intake in the body without a single solid meal or food item. In a liquid diet you can take water, fruit juices without fruit pulp, fruit flavoured beverages, carbonated drinks, Gelatin, Tea, coffee, tomato juice, vegetable juice, sports drinks, fat-free broth, honey, sugar syrup, ice pop and ice creams etc.

A research study done in a group of eight hundred obese people showed positive results. These people were kept on a strict diet of liquid food with a specific calorie intake per day. After about nine months there was a drop in the weights of both men and women. Where men dropped about twenty four kilos on an average, women lost nineteen kilos. Besides, many people struggling to lose stubborn body fat are recommended only liquid food for a short period.

Pros Of The Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

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If the liquid diet is taken under the prescription of a certified doctor who knows your health condition well, then the results will be satisfying. The diet does fulfil its purpose of keeping your intestines and digestive system clean. If you are facing digestion issues, it will help lighten the load on your digestive system and help in clearing your body.

Cons Of The Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

On the other hand, there are limitations to the liquid diet for people of different ages etc. It is not recommendable for people who have diabetes, blood pressure and other serious illnesses. Moreover, switching to a liquid diet without the recommendation of a doctor or their observation, is more likely to cause damage.


To sum up, it is right to state that liquid diet should be taken only under the guidance of a doctor else it will damage your health. It is definitely not recommended for a long term because it lacks nutrients that are only present in solid foods. A liquid diet looks like – a glass of water, a glass of fruit juice, gelatin, tea or coffee and energy drinks.

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