Follow The Weight Loss Tips For Kids Which Will Keep Them Fit

weight loss tips for kids

Weight problems in children are a reason to worry about. It has increased sugar, cholesterol, arthritis, fatty liver, asthma, heart disease, and much more in childhood. These diseases, most commonly seen during adolescence, are now manifest in infancy. Obese children generally experience bullying, physical-image disorders, restlessness, and anxiety.

Weight loss in kids should be performed with caution and attention. Parents must make a safe weight loss plan with the advice of their pediatrician or nutritionist. 

Why do kids retain Weight?

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A weight loss plan is formed with understanding the causes of weight gain.

The only two major causes of obesity in childhood are the intake of too many calories and avoiding physical activities.

To be more specific, kids gain Weight because of –

● Excess calories from soft drinks and soda

● Sticking into video games for a long time

● Using a computer or watching TV for too long

● Being inactive in physical games

● Eating a lot of processed foods at home

● Often eating of fast food

Tips For Weight Loss

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1. Calorie record

You need to know the number of calories required for the proper growth of your kid. Providing more calories will hinder weight loss. You need to be aware of the number of calories necessary for your kid for adequate growth. Anything higher than the required amount will affect weight loss. The calories amount for the kid varies from factor to factor, such as his BMI, gender, age, etc.

2. More Fruits, Veggies

Usually, you can add other vegetables and fruits in many colors to your baby’s diet. Serve whole fruit on fruit juices. Juices are low in fiber compared to all fruits as they lose their thread, and adding sugar when processed adds more calories, while whole fruits are filling and rich-fiber, which is good for digestion. Thus, not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for weight loss. 

3. Drink Water a lot

When thirsty, do not give juices, energy drinks, and cold drinks, soft drinks, sodas, etc., as they increase their Weight. Water is the best thirst quencher,

4. Excellent Sleep

Ideally, a child needs sleep of 9 to 11 hours, and teenagers need a rest of 8 to 10 hours. Early bedtime and proper sleep are essential for adequate growth and metabolism and help maintain Weight.

5. Meal Plans

Avoid long intervals between meals because prolonged fasting can lead to overeating during meals. Research suggests that three meals a day with two small snacks are excellent.

6. Exercises and Sports

It is recommended to do at least 60 minutes of exercise or some physical activity every day. Starting from 15-20 minutes a day, gradually increase the duration. Make it fun by involving your child in dance classes or swimming lessons.

Exercises That Your Kid Can Do For Weight Loss :

➢ Cycling

➢ Dancing

➢ Aerobics

➢ Gymming

➢ Swimming

➢ Running

➢ Roller-skating

How to maintain a healthy weight-

Foster healthy eating practices

● Please give them a lot of vegetables, fruits, and whole wheat products.

● Include dairy products or non-fat milk, including yogurt.

● Restrict sugary drinks.

● Limit intake of sugar and fat.

● Eat lean meats, beans, poultry, fish, and lentils for protein.

● Let your kid drink plenty of water.

Help kids to stay active by regular physical activities

●    Strengthen bones.

●    Lowering blood pressure.

●    Decreasing stress and anxiety.

●    Increasing self-esteem.

●    Help in with weight management.

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