How Do I Practise Yoga at Home for Weight Loss?


Yoga supports mental, spiritual, and physical development, which helps you in creating the best version of yourself. For weight loss, it is a useful tool, most notably the active forms. Several experts conclude that Yoga works in numerous ways, which brings about healthy weight loss. Listed below are a few of the ways it can help you lose weight.

How Do I Practise Yoga at Home for Weight Loss?

Mindfulness and Yoga

The spiritual and mental parts of Yoga majorly focus on having the mind developed. This leads to an increase in your awareness on several levels.

A study shows that people that develop mindfulness through the process of this activity can resist foods that are unhealthy and eat properly. They also know their body language that when they are full, they will know.

It’s advised that Yoga shouldn’t be practiced on a full stomach; healthy eating will be considered before engaging in it. When through with the session, you will likely be craving for fresh foods and unprocessed foods.


Sleep can be improved by practicing these poses. You will notice that you can fall deeply asleep when you practice consistently. Quality sleep is associated often with losing weight. A study in 2018 shows that weight loss can occur if you usually sleep than having a restricted sleep. 

Calorie burning

Yoga is known primarily as an aerobic exercise, but we have some types that are physically compared to others. Tremendous and active styles of it can burn calories. This can lead to weight loss. 

Some examples of this type are vinyasa, power yoga, and ashtanga.

How Many Times Should I Practise Yoga To Lose Weight?

It would be best if you practiced it as many times as possible. You can practice the more intense and active ones at least five times a week for a minimum of one hour.

If you are new to Yoga, you should start slowly and have your practice built up. This will help you in building your flexibility and strength and also prevent you from having injuries.

Combine yoga with activities like cycling, swimming, or walking.

How Do I Practise Yoga at Home for Weight Loss?

Yoga Poses You Can Do at Home

Boat Pose

Your whole body will get engaged in this yoga pose, especially your core. This pose helps in reducing stress and burns fat.

Firstly sit down on the floor, and your legs should be together and extend them in front. Bend your knees and lift your feet from the floor. Your thighs will be an angle to the ground, and your shins will be parallel to the ground. Then, have your arms extended in front for them to be identical to the floor. Hold this for 30 seconds. You can repeat this five times, at least.

Plank Pose

Do ten to twenty minutes of different plank positions. Have your feet stepped back and your heels lifted from a tabletop position. Straighten your body. Then, have your arm, leg muscles, and core engaged. Hold the position for a minute.

Hence, we can conclude that going through one of these yoga exercises will help your flexible, active and most importantly, loss weight

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