How to Start Home Workout to Burn Fat

Home workout

One best thing you can do for your health is exercise. Engaging in a home workout has several benefits. Working out every day improves health and keeps you fit. 

In this article, we are talking about home workouts that you can do to burn calories and stay healthy. Listed below are some home workouts you can to do burn calories;

How to Start Home Workout to Burn Fat


Activate your posterior chain and your core with a bridge exercise. You can use this home workout to warm-up your body.


  • Lie down on your back and bend your knees, feet flat on the ground, and the arms should be by the sides.
  • Bracing up your core and pushing through the feet, raise your bottom from the floor until you see your hips have extended fully.
  • Go to the beginning and slowly repeat.

Knee Push-up

This is another home workout and it is good for beginners. This push-up will assist you in building up your strength become you start attempting the standard pushup.


  • Get into a high position by kneeling on your knees
  • Maintain a straight line and bend in your elbows so you can go low to the floor. The location of your elbows is to be at 45-degree angle
  • Push up back to the beginning and repeat

Stationary Lunge

Stationary lunge hits your hamstrings, glutes, and quads.


  • Put your right leg in front, and the left leg at the back is splitting your stance. The right foot should be placed flat on the floor, and the left one should be on toes.
  • Bend over your knees and stop when the right thigh has gotten parallel to the floor.
  • Push up using your right foot for you to return to the beginning. Repeat as many times as you can, then have your legs switched. 

Chair Squat

Chair squat is a home workout good for strengthening the core and legs, and this makes movements easier every day.


  • Get a chair and stand in front of it with the feet wide apart slightly
  • Bend your knees and hinge at the hips, lower your back and go down until your bottom is touching the chair. Stretch your hands out to the front
  • Push up back via your heels and return to the beginning

Forearm Plank as a Home Workout

This exercise is for the whole body, and it requires balance and strength.


  • Placing your forearms on the floor, get into a plank position. A parallel line has formed from your head to your feet
  • Make sure you don’t sag your hips and lower back. Stay in this position for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. 
How to Start Home Workout to Burn Fat

Walking Lunge

Rather than staying in a stationary lunge, you can as well travel. This home workout will add to your mobility, balance, and stability.


  • Clasp your feet together and move forward with a step.
  • Lunge out with your right leg
  • Stand up and repeat with the left leg

Conclusion on Home Workout

Since everyone desires a physically fit body, it is much more soothing than it can be done in the corners of your home. However, home workout has to be practiced with discipline since there is no visible instructor. 

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