Japanese Weight Loss Diet Tips That Work

japanese weight loss diet

The Japanese weight loss diet focuses on two major components – eliminating sugar and adding protein to the diet. It is not as easy to do as the South Beach Diet, but it does work. Here is what they eat for breakfast every morning.

Start With A Bowl

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Start with a bowl of rice and three cups of white rice with one-inch cubes of sugar-free coffee beans. The coffee beans should be ground very fine. On an empty stomach, take two teaspoons of the coffee beans and place them on the top of a steamer pot. Place two cups of skim milk in the steamer. Put four or five Japanese-style pancakes in the pool, cover with the steamer, and set low heat. In thirty minutes, you will have a delicious cup of coffee and fluffy, thin pancakes. In the afternoon, follow the same diet menu, but substitute the white rice with wild rice. Add two cups of the cooked rice to a serving of wild rice. If you are watching your sugar intake, then add a touch of honey. Use the sugar substitute to make the Japanese diet menu more palatable.

Two Healthy Meals To Make Your Diet Plan

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Japanese diet menus are rich in sweet potatoes and carrots. Both of these ingredients are beneficial to the body when eaten in moderation. A third item that should always be added to the Japanese diet menu is tofu. Tofu adds fiber to the diet plan and has few calories. Three more things that are often overlooked but are great for the body include chicken and seafood. For lunch, take half of a pound of sushi or one piece of whole milk cheesecake with two hard boiled eggs. You can eat fish in place of the salmon this day if you want. For dinner, heat a large bowl of soup or adjust your diet menu to include vegetable sashimi. You can make sugar-free coffee if you like.

Day 3 Of Diet

On day 3 of your Japanese diet, take a slice of grilled salmon with one hardboiled egg and about two cups of your favorite soup. You can serve this along with the second piece of cheese on top of the salmon for a complete meal. For dessert, enjoy the dessert selection mentioned above, accompanied by two pieces of sugar-free coffee. You can prepare a tuna salad with cucumber slices. Your salad could also include hard boiled eggs, pickled ginger, and a piece of lemon. For dinner, enjoy a bowl of soup accompanied by olive oil and lemon juice. You can also prepare a delicious stir fry for your lunch, rich in protein and healthy.

Stop At A Restaurant

On your way to lunch, stop at a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese food like sushi and beef, if possible. When you get to the restaurant, ask for a takoyaki meal named Japanese meat cooked with vegetables. You can order this with soy sauce and wasabi for dipping. Make sure to ask the waitress for a sugar-free coffee for your final note on your Japanese weight loss diet plan!

Serve Of Sushi And A Black Coffee

On your lunch day, eat a serve of sushi and a black coffee. On your way back from work, stop at a restaurant called “Kaneri” which is open all day long. This restaurant offers a variety of different Japanese dishes that you can have for lunch. The meal choices available here are so extensive and the price so reasonable that you’ll want to make this your frequent dining place for lunch.

What For Dinner?

For dinner, enjoy a bowl of ramen noodles with butter lettuce salad with olive oil and Japanese Mayo. If you’d like to have something different for dinner, try a poached salmon that’s been lightly fried. For dessert, try a fruit salad with strawberries and blackberries. You can also opt for a dessert of strawberries and ice cream.

Change The Types Of Food

The trick to this Japanese weight loss diet plan is to change the types of food you eat daily. Although you can still eat beef, pork, chicken, and fish, it will be much healthier to consume the other foods mentioned in the diet program. You’ll need to add fresh vegetables and fruits to stay full and satisfied throughout the day. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and asparagus make excellent side dishes.

The Last One

Rice is also an essential staple in this type of diet. Eat brown rice instead of white rice, which is higher in carbohydrates. You can also substitute buckwheat or quinoa for the rice if it’s not offered at the restaurant. Instead of soup, you can again try various Japanese vegetable soups, such as okazu soup and tofu soup.

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