The Best Cardio Exercise: No Gym Membership Required

Cardio exercise

Basically, not all exercise requires one to go visit the gym center. There are some exercises that involve staying in your comfort zone and get yourself a good one. These exercises are known as cardio exercise. It comprises of light workout and body movement at your home without the assistance of a gym instructor

Cardio exercise is also known as Aerobic exercise. Meanwhile, the word Aerobic or cardio is related to anything that involves free oxygen. This means that cardio exercises require the use of oxygen to increase the demand for energy. Examples of these exercises are swimming, strength training, yoga, and many more.

Furthermore, you can get yourself a good cardio-focused machine but before that, understand its usefulness. This article explains the best cardio exercise for body fitness and weight loss. Check below for guidelines and their examples as recommended by medical professionals.

The Best Cardio Exercises: No Gym Membership Required

Best Cardio Exercise For Fitness

1. Jogging In Your Home

It’s not everyone that loves to jog to an extensive length. Although, it builds strength, burns fats, and energizes one to perform well on a daily task. Whereas, there are some cardio machines and exercises that you can do at your convenience. Besides, jogging at your home also provides the same benefits just like the normal work out.

2. Stairs Running

Ordinarily, you might be doubting if the stair running is also a cardio exercise. It is a 100% cardio exercise. Running through the stairs at home builds energy, reduces high blood pressure and also burns more calories. Though elevators bring ease, but, consider using stairs sometimes at home or at your place of work.

In addition, Consecutive stairs running makes your heart pumping be in a good position. Meanwhile, you can also purchase the electric step runners like the tone fitness aerobic stepper or fitness stepper.

3. Dancing at Home 

Dancing at home is another form of cardio exercise. It involves stretching your body parts which constitute adequate fitness and weight loss. Download good songs and dance as if you won a huge amount of money. Challenge yourself to see your performance as this helps the heart rate as well as building energy.

4. Cardio Squat 

Cardio squat or squat jumping is another type of cardio exercise. It works when you do the normal squatting and then jumps high later. Moreover, the rate at which you jump tells how you would feel the exercise in the body. The process involves squat, jump and come back to squat. Engaging yourself in this kind of exercise is helpful if you want to be physically active.

The Best Cardio Exercises: No Gym Membership Required

5. Jump Rope

Fitness instructors have stated the use of jump ropes as one of the best cardio exercises. Jumping on a high rope is termed important because the strength to jump alone reduces calories. However, instead of going to the gym center, you can purchase a rope and practice while at home.


Finally, there are countless numbers of aerobic or cardio exercise but our best selection include the ones above. Other examples are burpees, jumping jacks, kickboxing, Mountain climbers, crab planks and many more.

Remember, exercise is essential for the body to perform its function properly. Therefore, practice the aforementioned examples above and endeavor to follow us for more health benefits and fitness information.

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