The Ultimate Guide to Ketosis for Weight Loss


Ketosis stands for a normal metabolic process. If there is not enough glucose in the body for energy, the body will burn the fats that are stored instead, and this will result in having some acids built up, which is known as ketones.

Some people engage in ketosis through a diet plan that is called the ketogenic diet plan. The purpose of this diet is to burn fat that is unwanted by making the body to make use of the fat for energy forcefully rather than making use of carbohydrates.

Mechanism of Ketosis

Ketosis occurs in patients who have diabetes because the process can start if there isn’t enough insulin in the body or the patient is not making use of the insulin properly.

The Ultimate Guide to Ketosis for Weight Loss

Typically, the body cells make use of glucose to generate energy. This glucose occurs in dietary carbohydrates such as sugar (milk, yogurt, or fruits) and starchy foods (pasta and bread).

Glucose is broken down into simple sugars, which can be used to fuel the body or be stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen.

When the body is in the metabolic state of ketosis, stored fat gets converted into energy, ketones are released during the process. Because ketosis breaks down the body fat, which is in the body, some diets exist to help in facilitating weight loss.

The ketosis diets are also known as:

  • Keto diets
  • Ketogenic diets
  • Low-carbohydrate diets

The keto diets are usually high in fat. For example, your protein intake might be 20%, while the carbohydrate is 10%, and fat will be 70%.

Although there are several versions, and the calorie intake will depend on which of the diet you are following. But a consistent keto diet will lead to weight loss, which study has confirmed.

Benefits of Ketosis

  • Studies have shown that cutting carbohydrates can have your calorie intake and appetite reduced.
  • Low-carb diet leads to long term weight loss
  • A significant percentage of fats that get broken down during ketosis is abdominal fat that is harmful which can lead to severe metabolic problems
  • It is useful for lowering blood fats – these are fat molecules which increases heart disease.
  • Low-carb has a high percentage of fat, which allows the blood vessels to grow.
  • If you want to lower your insulin levels and blood sugar, then you have to reduce your carb consumption. Type 2 diabetes can eventually be cured.
  • It also reduces blood pressure which can reduce your chance of having common diseases.
The Ultimate Guide to Ketosis for Weight Loss

Fast facts

  • Ketosis process comes into play when your body can’t get access to the primary source of energy – glucose
  • Ketosis shows how body fat gets broken down to gain power, which produces ketones also
  • People that want to shed weight follow a low-carb (ketogenic) diet for them to lose fat by having the body forced to make use of their fat for energy rather than carb.


It is good to clear it up that exercise also plays an important role in the ketosis. This is because staying restless allows the body to gather up fats. Hence, applying ketosis might not yield a quicker result without exercise.

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