Top 7 Items You Must Have on Your Keto Shopping List

Keto shopping list

It is not a piece of news that many are trying possible means to lose body weight. While some have come to accept their body, many are still in search of what would give them a moderate body. Many have been directed to go for low-carb diets, however, only a few have been given directives on how to go about it. Hence, the reason for this article is to point you to your keto shopping list.

What Shouldn’t be in my Keto Shopping List?

Most times, to know what a thing is, it is safer to know what it is not. Keto diet is a diet that is low in carb, moderate in protein and high in fat, specifically for weight loss.

Having known this, your keto shopping list must NOT include foods rich in carbohydrate including natural sweeteners and some vegetable oil.

Keto shopping list
Top 7 Items You Must Have on Your Keto Shopping List

Items to Include on my Keto Shopping List?

1. Seafood

Studies show that seafood is rich in quality protein and they appear to be the source of healthy fats. This implies that you can consume fat without the fear of adding more fat to your body. Seafood like shrimps, cod, and salmon can be gotten at any frozen seafood store for your benefit.

2. Low-carb Vegetables

Low-carb vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. This implies that they are healthy for reducing blood pressure and enhancing weight loss. It is also key to avoid regular potatoes, yams, turnips, and carrots because they are starchy vegetables. Hence, they don’t fall under the keto diet.

3. Low-sugar Fruits

While most fruits have natural sweeteners, there are some with low sugar content. The most common one is the raspberry. Raspberries will create the feeling of satisfaction other fruits give, however, in a more healthy way for your weight loss goals.

4. Poultry Products

Poultry products such as meat and eggs are a great source of animal protein. This is because studies show that organic, grass-fed poultry changes the makeup of fat. This will, in turn, produce healthy fats for the body to work with.

5. Chocolate

Happy? Surprised? 

Well, research has proven that chocolates can be added to your keto shopping list. However, a deliberate effort must be done to check if it was made with, at least, 70% cacao. Anything lesser than that should not be found on that list because of the sugar content.

6. Keto-approved Condiments

In a world where many health-related industries are into the production of foods, drugs, and supplements, many might or be too trusted. Many condiments are too processed to be healthy. Hence, you must carefully look at the nutritional contents to see it’s sugar-free before buying.

Top 7 Items You Must Have on Your Keto Shopping List

7. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds can also be added to your keto shopping list. They have high healthy fats and help you to stay full for a longer time

Conclusion on Keto Shopping List

The above-mentioned products are the most common ones. This implies that there are many other things you can still add to your shopping list like olives, green tea and dairy products and so on. However, before picking the ones you’d like, firstly consider your health conditions.

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