Top-Notch Usb Microphone That Is Easy to Install and Convenient to Use with Its Efficient Features!

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Do you want to record sound every now and then whenever you are working on your computer? For that, it is never possible for us to go for an expensive microphone option in order to have crystal clear audio. Then you can only get the option of using a USB microphone to attach it to the desktop computers. It will come under the video and computer gaming category, and you can find them both online and offline. Today we’re going to talk about a specific product that will be easy for you to use and is quite compatible with all of the desktop systems. It is also easily affordable and the only direction, so investing in it will be the best possible option you can have. This is a flexible option that you get without breaking your bank, and here is everything that you need to know about it. 

Adjustable USB Microphone For Desktop Computers

It is one of the most optimum solutions when it comes to using computer peripherals. The product’s price is something around $8 to $10 and has a wide range of compatibility. You will be able to rotate it at 360 degrees, and the adjustments come with background noise cancellation. The mic head has very high quality, and it comes with an authentic voice pick-up routine. Not only that, but there is an interference of echo- the cable length is 5 meters, and the product size is 82mm by 75.5mm. Buy the microphone now so that you can attach it to your computer peripherals and start with the audio recording process. 


  • Brand name- popu-pine
  • Transducer- dynamic microphone
  • Use- computer microphone
  • Set type- single microphone
  • Style- tabletop or Desktop
  • Communication- wired
  • Package- yes
  • Polar pattern- omnidirectional
  • Model number- BK
  • Product size- 82*75.5mm
  • Cable length 1.5 m
  • Frequency response- 100hz-10khz
  • Colour choice- black, red and white
  • Features- microphone, USB microphone, PC microphone, computer microphone, USB microphone for PC, mic for recording.


  • The fundamental advantage of this microphone is that it can capture your voice accurately and has an adjustable head. You will be able to use it for recording purposes according to your convenience. 
  • The Head is Omnidirectional, and you can get it for a pocket pinch of only $8. 
  • It has a beautiful model and is quite sleek and elegant to look at. Even if you have minimal space on the countertop, you should not have any problems in setting up the microphone. 


  • If you are working on a laptop, it might not be suitable to invest in this equipment. 
  • Be careful to handle it because it has a very light design. 


To talk business, if you want a USB microphone that comes for cheap, this is the best possible option that you can avail yourself of. So are you waiting for when you already have something to buy with a secure payment method? 

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