Total Gym Workout Guide For Men

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To achieve the best physique and remain fit, one needs a proper training program. So no matter you want to develop muscles or just want to remain fit, a total gym workout guide is essential. In this post, we have given a guide about how men can maximize their muscle strength!

Total Gym Workout Guide For Men-

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1. Workout For Abs-

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The resisted crunch allows aims to work on your upper abdominals. And sit up with feet attached to make you exercise your hips and abdomen both at the same time.

Apart from that, trunk rotation will add strength to your obliques, and for strengthening core muscles, you can add a side plant to your routine.

Resistdd crunches ( 2×25 repetition), side plank (1×25 repetition), trunk rotation (1x 25 repetition) and sit up (1 x25 repetition).

2. Workout For Back-

Hyperextension is the best exercise for lower back muscle, and rows target your rear deltoids and Lats. The back fly is also an exercise that targets the lower back as well as rear deltoids. And Pull-ups are meant to strengthen your lats as well biceps.

Hyperextension ( 2×15 repetition), pull-up ( 3 X 10 repetition), row (4 X 10 repetition) and back fly (3x 10 repetition).

3. Workout For Chest-

A typical type of gym exercise is a chest press that strengthens your triceps as well as pectoral muscles. Pullover enables you to build lats, trucks, triceps, and pectoral muscles. The incline chest fly is used to target your upper pectoral, deltoid, and decline chest fly to target lower pectoral muscles.

Chest press (3 X 8 repetition), decline and incline chest fly (3 X 8 repetition each), and pullover ( 3 x 8 repetitions).

4. Workout For Legs-

Squats will strengthen your buttock and quadriceps, while leg curls and front lunge will aim at your hamstrings that are the back portion of your thighs. The Calf raise is an exercise best for calf muscles!

Leg curl and front lunge (4×12 reps), and squats and calf raise (4 X 12 reps).

5. Workout For Shoulders-

Upper row and shoulder press are the best exercise to workout your front as well as outer deltoids, also trapezius (upper back). Also, you can incorporate lateral deltoid raise in your routine to exercise deltoid muscles.

Shoulder press, lateral deltoid raise, upright row, front deltoid raise (3x reps each exercise).

6. Workout For Arms-

If you want to strengthen your biceps, then you can add bicep curls as well as chin-ups in your total gym workout guide. Also, to build triceps add kneeling triceps extension and triceps extension both work well for it!

Chin up, bicep curl, kneeling triceps extension, tricep extension ( 3 X 8 reps each exercise).

Therefore disposable total gym workout guide! We had told you about the best exercises to work out your abs, chest, arms, shoulders, legs, and back. You can add all these exercises to your daily routine to achieve your goal of a full-body workout! Also, make sure to follow a proper diet along with exercise to get the best results!

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