Treadmill Weight Loss Tips To Check Out

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Do you run on the treadmill every single day and yet you feel like there is no effectiveness whatsoever? Do you feel like you could lose even more weight then you are doing right now? Then you are not the only one to feel so. There are certain strategies as well as treadmill weight loss tips for you to follow so that you can achieve your body goal without any problems. A treadmill is a very popular exercise machine that you can install at home and it will also keep your cardiovascular problems at bay. But it is more important to understand how you can use it in the optimum manner so as to get effective results.

Benefits Of Treadmill Exercise-Treadmill Weight Loss

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There are numerous benefits when it comes to doing exercise on the treadmill- the first of which is you can run on it all throughout the year. It is easy to use a treadmill and you can watch your favourite movies or shows while running. There are strong handrails on the treadmill which means you can run even if you are recovering from an illness or injury. You can set speed according to your convenience and the daily dose of running will reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. According to experts using the treadmill also helps in improving the brain function. But what can you do if you want to have optimum weight loss?

High Intensity Interval Training

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This is one of the most trendy things that you can do so that you can shed off your extra fat. According to a study in 2017 the high intensity training can reduce body fat as well as burn a lot of calories. This can contribute to weight loss and you can set the treadmill at 2mph for a span of five minutes. Then you have to run at 10mph 30 seconds, and then 4mph for 60 seconds. You should repeat this for 5 to 10 times and then use a cool down technique. The cooling down mechanism is as simple as the warm up.

Find The Fat Burning Zone-Treadmill Weight Loss

Try to exercise at par with the fat burning heart rate, and it will help in promotion of weight loss. Calculate your maximum heart rate and check out how many times it can beat during one minute exercise. You can also check out a heart rate monitor and the warm-up will help you with the calculation of your heartbeat. You can also use the help of a personal trainer so that they can help in optimum weight loss.

Switch Up The Routine

It is important for you to bring changes to your daily routine so that you do not have the risk of injury or pain. Do not do a certain workout every single day and you should also stick to the routine. Try to do some yet gentle yoga and rest a lot.


It is always a good thing to run on the treadmill if you know how to do it right. The treadmill weight loss tips will help you achieve your body goals and you can also add inclination while running.

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