Ultimate Insanity Workout Guide

insanity workout guide

Insanity workout is a fitness program that is named as ‘insanity’ because it is a little over the top. It is a very challenging fitness program currently in which a person requires no gym or equipment. It is a total body workout in which a person can exercise at home easily by just using his or her own weight of the body for resistance. It is inspired from a fitness program called as ‘max interval training’. 

What is Max Interval Training?

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In this fitness program, a person exercises with very high and intense pace for a short time and rests for longer durations. This method increases the aerobic fitness level and also burns the fat. In this fitness program, the person works hard for 3 minutes and then rests for 30 seconds. When a person exercises at this extreme levels, he or she can easily burn 1000 calories in just one hour.

What are the Different Workouts in Insanity Program?

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This fitness program has 10 workouts and each one should be done for 30 or 60 minutes for 6 days a week. In the 60-day program, the person can change the workout routine every week. This program is quite tough and extreme. Even if a person is in good shape, this program takes a lot of willpower and determination to complete.

Workouts for the First Month:

  • Fit Test
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Cardio Power and Resistance
  • Cardio Recovery
  • Pure Cardio

Then comes the second month but before starting with the exercises for second month, a person should do some daily core cardio and balancing exercises which are little less intense. This helps to prep the body for a tougher second month.

Workouts for the Second Month:

  • Max Interval Circuit
  • Max Interval Plyo
  • Max Cardio Conditioning
  • Max Recovery

Benefits of Insanity Workout

Core – the cardio abs workout in insanity workout focuses on the middle area.

Legs – Insanity workout includes a technique known as the plyometrics, which requires jumping and hopping and so it does tone the legs.

Arms – This program requires a person to use his/her own body weight and so, it helps in sculpting the chest, arms and shoulders.

Back – This is a total body workout and hence it also benefits the back.

Glutes – Plyometrics used here help in strengthening the glute muscles.

Other Important Information on Insanity Workout

There is not much stretching involved in these exercises. It is more of aerobics and helps to increase the overall cardiovascular fitness. It is also very useful in losing weight. This workout helps to build strength as it is a very high impact fitness program including jumps, jumping jacks and sprints.

This workout is best for those people who are already fit and in good shape. It has a lot of risks of injuries and hence beginners should refrain from this workout. It is necessary that the correct form and technique is maintained for each move else you might land up in a serious injury.

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