Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plans You Should Consume For Better Results

vegetarian weight loss diet plans

It is basically a diet plan that can lead your body to ketosis, which is a state where the body used fat as a primary fuel source other than carbohydrates. Some diet plans can help you achieve ketosis within 1 to 2 days. In this diet, the main sources of calories are fat with a little number of proteins. Carbohydrates are used in very few amounts.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plans – Keto Weight Loss Plus

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One could use avocado oil, olive coconut oil, butter, or heavy cream literally for cooking the food. Limit consumption of sunflower, and corn oils, and make sure that you never use margarine and artificial trans fats. Eating fruits like avocado and leafy green vegetables like spinach, asparagus and celery could be good. Never consume potatoes, corn, or raisins.

Spice Up Your Diet With A Dash Of Organic Chutneys

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Undoubtedly, pickles and chutneys make your monotonous food more appealing. But do you know that they have added health benefits too! They can help you to lose weight and to fight some kinds of cancer. Moreover, they are a great source of Probiotics, which can help your digestive system to function well. With the ability to control diabetes, protect the liver from any damage, and reduce ulcers, pickles can keep you healthy. On the other hand, chutneys can help you to fight against diabetes, cough, cold, constipation, etc. However, the commercially produced pickles use heat, which destroys their vital nutrients. The solution is to use organic pickles or chutneys.

Other Foods Rich In Protein

There are various advantages of protein, as it helps in various body functions. Foods that are rich in protein must be consumed to maintain your body and your health. The various foods which a person can consume to keep up with their protein needs are-

1) The meat- the meats of beef, lamb, veal, and pork etcetera can be consumed. These meats are very rich in protein.

2) The poultry sources are a very important source of protein, chicken, Turkey, ducks etcetera.

3) Another major source of protein is found in fish and seafood. The seafood consists of proteins; these can be found in fishes, prawns, crabs, lobsters, oysters, clams, etc.

4) Eggs are also a source of protein, for people who do not consume meat; the eggs are a vital source of protein.

5) Dairy products are also essential in the source of protein, products like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.

6) Nuts also contain a lot of protein and must be included in your diet; seeds like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. are a rich source of protein.

7) Legumes and beans are a rich source of protein.


You could use less amount of proteins. Proteins could contain fish like salmon, dark meat chicken, and grass-fed beef. You could also occasionally consume bacon and low-fat proteins. Walnuts and almonds can do good in your keto diet with the occasional use of cashews and pistachios. You should focus on weight loss and check how this diet form might work on you.

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